Lake Rules

Arrival times are on a Saturday to Saturday Basis.
Gates will be open to customers from 1.00 pm onwards
Departure times are 10.00 am at the latest.

1. No lead core.

2. No braided main line.

3. Barbed hooks only.

4. Minimum 15lb line.

5. There is a TOTAL BAN of tiger nuts on Lake Serene 1, but they are permitted in moderation (one small tin per person, per week) in Lake 2.

6. Stalking dawn until dusk only.

7. No driving around the site.

8. No litter please.

9. Separate your rubbish into bags of glass bottles, tins and paper and card.

10. No sacking of fish.

11. Do not throw cigarette butts in the swim or in the lake, they look unsightly! Either ask for a tin on a arrival, or bring you own. Buckets of sand are in all swims for cigarette butts – please use them!

12. DANGER: Please take all used gas containers home. We can supply black bags if needed.

Any rule breaking and you will be asked to leave the site.