Lake 1

Though the gate of Lake Serene, you will have very good access to all areas of the lake, with eight comfortable swims and the offer of your fishing luggage being taken to your swims, by the owners. Private vehicles will be allowed only to drop luggage to and from the certain swims, on the owners say so. The lake has silt and gravel patches and a gravel bar from the island. There are small weed beds and lilies in two corners. The margins have overhanging branches providing good cover for the fish. These features offer plenty of great fishing opportunities.

Swims are as follows:

  • The Gate
  • The House x 2 
  • The Royal x 2 
  • The Aintree
  • The Beeches x 3 
  • The Stag
  • The Brook

The depths of Lake 1 vary from four to thirteen feet.

Bait boats are permitted, and in addition there is a rowing boat and life jacket for use by anglers.

6 Anglers:

  • Saturday to Saturday Basis.
  • Arrive no earlier than 1pm for the checking in meeting.




The Brook

The Royal

The Stag




The Aintree

The Gate

The Beeches