SatNav Address & Postcode



  • Take the A26 road to Reims
  • Pay toll
  • Take junction 27 A4 (CHALONS-EN-CHAMPAGNE)
  • Pay toll
  • Turn right and follow road N44
  • To Vitry-le-Francois
  • Bottom of hill (roundabout)
  • Keep left follow signs
  • To St-Dizier N4

Turn right onto the D58 to Ecriennes, follow the road to the village and turn right at the building with the mirror on the wall.

Follow the road, do not cross the canal, keep going past the “pink house”.

You will come to a left hand bend and take the track on the right.

You will see Lake 2 on your right and fifty yds on you will see the gates to Lake 1.

Please remember if you are fishing on Lake 2 or Lake 3 you will need to check in at Lake 1.

Please note the gates open at 1.00pm on Saturday.

Should you get lost or have any problems our emergency contact number is 07763 303712.